AstroWatch (HTML5)

Space shooter, where thrust and shooting are one button!
Made in: 2018

Jingle Bells Defense (HTML5)

You will have to defend yourself from waves of angry snowman's, but there's a catch - their corpses or rather piles of snow make them invincible, so better clean those piles up with your dryer! Made for LudumDare 40 in 72 hours.
Made in: 2017

Orbitz (HTML5)

Shoot commets, avoid moons and use gravity force to your advantage in order to reach your goal! Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 38.
Made in: 2017

Life Game (HTML5)

My take on life, how kids enjoy the moment, never looking into the future too much and how as we get older we plan, seek the future which ultimately does no good for us, as we miss what's happening around us.
Made in: 2016

QuickMaths (Android)

Game where you are given an answer to equation and have to guess how to get it.
Made in: 2018

MetroCity (HTML5)

Now that you driven your fair share of metro, you'll get the ability to plan metro for a city. Let's see how many citizens will use your metro system.
Made in: 2017

Stock Market Simulator (JAVA)

Project for OOP, allowing to buy/sell stock, currency and goods. It's simulating other investors and companies.
Made in: 2018

Pizza Catcher (PC)

Welcome to year 2024, where the best pizza delivery man is choosen from the new contest of catching and throwing back pizzas! It's great you will love it! Made for Ludum Dare 37 in 72 hours.
Made in: 2016

Metro Game (HTML5)

My first game made in Javascript, where you drive metro. You will have to be always on time, take everyone from the platform. It's simple, maybe too simple, but I had to start somewhere.
Made in: 2017

Seba Krul Wienzienia

Game about transmission of a secret messages in prison me made for Global Game Jam 2018 with a team, only avalabile in polish. Unfortunately we didnt't finish it.
Made in: 2018

Skiing Is Hard (Android)

Simple game made in one night, where you skii down an endless hill.
Made in: 2018

Ninja Cat Brothers (Android)

Another Android game, in this I will put your reflex to a test, avoid obstacles and get the highest scores to unlock different cats. (Cats unlocked with points, made in times before lootboxes)
Made in: 2015

I wanna be the guy! (Android)

My first android game, it's a tribute to where I came from and how I started.
Made in: 2013

Here's a few projects picked out of dozens that I didn't finish, but I just might.

3D Platformer

I wanted to make a game where I can test myself in game design, I'll make it happen, but as of now I will try to finish the core mechanics.

2D platformer

I tried to make a game about builders trying to reach the end of a level, but Ultimate Chicken Horse did it better and faster :)